A brief introduction to Climate and Cities

View of the Pavilion we created for Hubbub as part of the Air We Share campaign, in Covent Garden, London, in January 2020. Photography by Nicolee Tsin.

Climate and Cities is a creative collective, established in 2019, focused on crafting new narratives to directly engage the public with the climate emergency. Since the start of 2020, a first cohort of nine researchers has been exploring diverse topics such as air quality, trees, urban allotments, sustainable eating, plastics, noise pollution, global dimming, cloud surveillance, and the olympics.

Since our investigation has started we have been sharing our progress on different platforms where updates have always been focused on visuals with minimal space for writing. As we are approaching the one year mark since the first cohort of researchers has been formed, we thought it’s time for us to share publicly more in depth elements of our individual topic of choice that have interested, challenged or excited us. As a collective of creatives who, for the most part, have practices anchored in visuals and sounds, we are always trying to challenge ourselves and what we do, which has led us to decide to explore these fascinating, challenging and surprising elements in writing.

Over the course of the next months you can expect us to publish short stories introducing you to these different elements.

Get in touch with us via Instagram, Twitter or our website.
Or send us an email at hi@climateandcities.com



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Climate and Cities

Climate and Cities is an evolving collective that formed in 2019 to explore the impact of climate change within the urban environment.